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Renaissance Collection

Asset 4

These meaningful candles come with a beautiful gift box that incorporates hand-crafted pencil drawings throughout. The story of each drawing can be found on an elegant fold out included in each gift box. Each porcelain candle vessel in this collection can be treasured for many years by simply replacing the candle once it has burned down with a votive. As the candle burns the translucent porcelain allows light to shine through allowing for a beautiful glow through the image.

The Renaissance Collection is the first of a series of beautifully detailed black and sepia pencil renderings created in a collaborative effort with the very talented Portuguese artist, Miguel Amaral. After working together to realize the artistic expression desired for each piece, I am so happy to present this sacred collection on handcrafted fine porcelain vessels trimmed in 24K gold. Each is filled with delightful fragrances for your home.