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Crafted from the heart.
Made for your home.

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Creating inspired, memorable and unique handcrafted pieces for every occasion and for every home.

Reminders of Eternity

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Love bowls, Cross bowls, and Ave Maria bowls remain popular gifts for weddings, birthdays, showers, and more. These pieces illustrate Pam’s signature style & technique.


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Porcelain candles, rimmed in 24k gold with sacred pencil drawings. Translucent porcelain allows light to shine through allowing for a beautiful glow through the image.


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Organic clam bowls, oyster plates, and a fine porcelain Heron series are some of the beautiful pieces that capture the expression of life in Southern Louisiana and the Coastal South. Beautifully handcrafted oyster plates and organic clam bowls add to these timeless selections.


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A unique collection that features large and small candle vessels that perfectly accent any home – whether indoors or outdoors.

In Studio Collection

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As a working artist, Pam can be found in her studio on a regular basis, whether she is coming up with ideas for her next collection or simply working on the types of projects that keep her inspired. On occasion, Pam will create an in-studio signature piece, or one-of-a-kind collection that can only be purchased here on her website. Check back regularly to see what Pam has been working on, and find out how you can get a Pamela Sack original straight from the studio.

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